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"We have a large beautiful church in Kakooge..." writes Fr. Boguslaw Dabrowski OFMConv, a Franciscan missionary who has spent the last ten years in Uganda." ...and 14 outstations (chapels served by visiting priests - ed.). Six of these have brick walls, with sheet metal for roofs, but they are not finished (Batuusa, Muwanji, Nansaka, Kyabutayika, Katugo), that is why they still need a lot of work.


For example, in Katugo, I came to complete work on the chapel. The people there were willing to help, but most of them were elderly and were afraid to go on the roof. After some time I found two painters. While working on the altar, I stepped out of the chapel to get some fresh air, but when I returned, I saw the people using the silver paint to draw various designs on their sandals which were made from old tires.

Some of the chapels we need to be rebuilt because they were badly damaged during the last rainy season. When I visited Kitanda in July, I found only dirt, broken posts and a lot of dried grass.

That is why we are looking for generous donors, who can help us build five new chapels in these places. For example, for USD15 we can buy a sheet of metal measuring 3 meters by 90 centimeters, or a bag of cement, or 100 bricks. The cost of transporting these materials is also expensive."

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Francis of Assisi:

" Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self "