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Holy Family Matugga Church was established in 1975 as a sub-parish under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Mukasa, Mr. J C Nganda, Mrs. Luyima Christine, Mr. Kizza Francis and many others. Some of these people are dead and the others are too old to walk to church. The Sub Parish drifted from St. Joseph Kabunza Church and was granted its status by the Late Rev. Fr. Nsimbi Gerald the Parish Priest of Jinja Karoli Parish then. From 1975 until 2009 it was part of Jinja Karoli Parish.



On 11th January 2009, the Archbishop of Kampala His Grace Fr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga granted it the Parish status. From 3rd January 2010, the Parish under the Conventual Franciscan Order. On the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on 3rd of October parish took the name of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, Matugga.

Catholic movements in the parish: The Charismatic renewal (prayer group), Sacred Heart. Legion of Mary, Kolping family, Women’s guild, Catholic holy marrieds' Association, Youth Apostolate.

Over 60 children complete religious studies every year i.e. 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation etc. Approximately 200 children are baptized every year. Over 80 Christians are members in “Wekembe” the Archbishop’s Micro Finance.

The area of the parish covers approximately 200km2. To parish belong seven “outstations” churches in: Katalemwa, Kiriagonja, Kabunza, Wabitembe, Migadde, Kitakuta and Nakukuba. In each of this places there is also a Catholic founded primary school. Currently the Parish is bounding new classrooms for St. Charles Lwanga School in Matugga at the side of future Parish Church.


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